My name is Steven. I provide Executive Prep services for my clients that give them the confidence to succeed using English in
   ● Negotiating legal agreements
   ● Making presentations, including videoconferences
   ● Negotiating with clients and suppliers
   ● Fundraising with investors
   ● Preparing for international promotions
   ● Attending an investors’ cocktail party.

Working with each client, we discuss and explore the issues and background information.
The process is adapted to the goal: a trade fair is not the same thing as a contract negotiation.

My clients get better results because:
   ● They gain confidence in their abilities.
   ● Refresh and expand their professional vocabulary and range of discussion.
   ● They are aware of possible challenges and can work to turn situations to their advantage.
   ● Make the best use of their time for maximum benefit.

Write to me at <steven⧇> and I will send you a personalized proposal.